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Love Home Fragrance? Get started!
Make money by prompting your passion for PartyLite products on your social media network.
Sounds easy. It is
Make money by prompting your passion for PartyLite products on your social media network. Sounds easy. It is.

Shop online. Share online. Sell online.
Step 1
Use our brand new e-commerce website to make shopping for your favourite PartyLite Home Fragrances and Home Decor quicker, simpler and more enjoyable.
Step 2
Join the PartyLite Affiliate Program, it not only saves you money on everything you buy, it opens the door to the opportunity to turn your social network into your very own successful E-business. Share your passion for PartyLite and start selling today.

Kickstart your Career
Become a VIP Affiliate
Work when, where and how you want to by sharing your passion for PartyLite on all your social channels. Our commission system means that more you share, the more you sell the more you earn.
The PartyLite community is full of people powering their own businesses and they're just waiting for you to join them.

Suit Yourself
Shop your favorite PartyLite products, make big money savings or kickstart your very own E-business. It's easy. How far and how fast you go is up to you. The only limit is your ambition.
suit yourself US
Weekly payments with PartyLite Pay. No Hidden Fees. Website included in one annual fee. Flat rate and Free shipping model.

It's easy to earn as a VIP Affiliate All you have to do is share your passion and earn commission from your sales
Online Orders


Commission Percentage Profit




$0 - $250 15% Up to $9.38 Up to $37.50
$250.01 - $1500 20% Up to $75.00 Up to $300
$1500.01 - $3000 25% Up to $187.50 Up to $750
$3000.01 - $5000 30% Up to $375.00 Up to $1500.00
$5000 + 35% $437.50 upwards $1750.00 upwards
Commission profits accrued weekly. Final payment monthly.

Affiliate FAQs
The more you sell the more you earn thanks to our simple commission structure.
Work when, where and how you want to, with no pressure and no risk, at your own pace.
The start up fee is only $50. That’s it!
We see all different types of people succeed with PartyLIte. Some just love home fragrance and design, some are stay-at-home parents looking to make full-time income, some are creatives looking for extra cash, and people who want to take control of their careers. Whatever your reason, PartyLite is a community dedicated to informing and educating people how Home Fragrance can inspire their creativity, open the door to new opportunities and help to make the world a brighter place.
PartyLite can be shared in many different ways. You may enjoy your Affiliate discount on personal purchases, or you may share your unique URL across all digital media, email, social media, blogs, vlogs or just through word-of-mouth marketing to earn commissions on products you love.
Ecommerce and social media have completely disrupted the industry and a new billion-dollar-a-day social sharing economy has emerged. Affiliate earn through our simple multi-tier commission structure based on sales volume. There are no quotas or hidden catches.
The opportunity to create a business on your own terms. Use our digital platform to earn some spare cash or go all out Fortune 500 by simply sharing your passion for PartyLite with customers or adding Affiliates to your network.
PartyLite has created a payment system designed to provide you with fast, convenient, and reliable access to your earned commission funds. We call this “PartyLite Pay”. You will get paid your way thanks to a multitude of self-serve tools, easy on-the-go access, and automated payment transfer methods - bank account, PayPal, Venmo, and an optional PartyLite branded prepaid card.

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